Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comment Follow-up, Again.

Just one I have to follow-up on:
"Abel was responding at length to my anonymous question about OSHA's impact. I appreciate the thought Abel put into his response, and I'm mulling it over. I haven't commented again until now, so that weren't my incendiary bombs thrown above."
I recognized the difference in writing styles. The "bomber" seems to be an anti-government type who's been dubbed "The Anarchist." Lots of complaining but no substance. Even so, I'm still not deleting his comments, everyone deserves to have their opinions heard, no matter how extreme those opinions may be.

I do appreciate thought provoking and well thought out arguments, so mull it over and we'll keep the conversation going, and hopefully others will chime in.


  1. Thank you Abel for keeping my "anarchist bomber" comments up. But, I believe in the "limited government" in founding of USA which you apparently call anarchy. So, apparently you disagree with our US Constitution as it was written in addressing government. Your agrument is not with me but the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights which LIMIT government. You paint me as an Anarchist which could not be further from the truth. Get your facts straight if you wish to disagree. Typical liberal trick is to mischaracterize your opposition and make fun of them.

  2. It's a great irony that Anonymous mentions the Constitution; that document replaced the earlier Articles of Confederation because the U.S. needed (wait for it) a STRONGER CENTRAL GOVERNMENT to function effectively.

    Oh, and before I forget: great blog, Abel.