Sunday, June 20, 2010


People constantly disappoint me. I have left the comment section open so anyone could post a comment without my interference, but I did so with the hope that people would be respectful, but the Trolls have proven that civility is beyond their capability, so I have closed the comments down. For those who choose to participate and agree to be respectful I'll post your comments when I can. Keep in mind that respectful doesn't mean you have to agree with me or OSHA, you just have to frame your questions/complaints/comments in a thoughtful way.


  1. Too bad, but I agree that the trolls took over. Still, this is a worthwhile effort. An insiders' look at OSHA, in my opinion, serves as a public interest. What is really going on in the Agency and what do people in the know think about it? How to measure the effectiveness of the Agency is a central question that needs to be rationally addressed. Mostly what I read was not insightful. Meaningful dialogue would be helpful.

  2. Agreed, I stopped posting (or reading) when the ALLCAPS brigade took over.

  3. "How to tell if you're a comments troll"