Friday, March 13, 2009


To Tom the commenter: Read OSHA Underground's blog post on the John Prouty Construction significant case, then convince me that someone isn't getting paid by labor. This is exactly how paid bloggers work, they are master spinmeisters, they take fact and turn in on its head to support their position. Let me spell this out very simply SECRETARY SOLIS DIDN'T HAVE SHIT TO DO WITH THIS CASE!!! I'm not bashing the Secretary in any way, I am in fact looking forward to seeing what she can help us accomplish, but the credit for this case rests with the CSHO in Omaha who brought this case, and every other career professional along the line who helped, not Secretary Solis or any one on her staff. These are the kinds of statements that the OSHA Underground occasionally posts that make me wonder if any of them have ever actually worked for OSHA. It is really unfortunate because much of what they post is good stuff but it sometimes gets lost in these kinds of untruths.

By the way, the internal dynamic at OSHA hasn't change one little bit, it can't change until we have an Assistant Secretary and some direction. Is there more hope and optimism? I think so, there seems to be around me anyway, but no internal dynamics have changed.

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  1. Solis would never be involved in an OSHA case personally. What drugs is Kane taking?