Monday, March 9, 2009

A Couple of Quick Points

I encourage everyone to read the comments that people are leaving, some of them are thought provoking (YES!! That's what I want). I want to address a couple of them now.

To Blame the Victim: You obviously missed the point, I wasn't suggesting any course of action in regards to Whitmore, I even admitted up front I don't know much about the case. My point was that things are said that the agency can't, or won't, defend against. [I will note, however, the article you provided states that Whitmore was suspended BEFORE he "blew the whistle," and in fact he didn't blow the whistle, he filed a hostile workplace complaint, again, after he was suspended. As a trained investigator, I find that... suspicious.]

To Tom: It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to, or sling mud. Remember, I am not a news agency, I can, and just might, say whatever I want. Having said that, you made a good point and I'll spend some time thinking about it, but no promises.

To Kane: I don't live to criticize you, I live to bring balance to the argument. That I get to do this while criticizing someone (you in this case) just makes it fun.

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{3/9/09 - 3:10 - Loved the first comment for this post!}

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  1. "....I live to bring balance to the argument."

    I'm just as fair and balanced as Fox News, you might have added.