Friday, March 20, 2009

One Step Closer...

The Pump Handle today posted the nomination of M. Patricia Smith as Solicitor of Labor, along with a few observations on Ms. Smith's career. I'm intrigued, there is a chance here to see a significant change in the way we handle cases. For the first time in several years I feel that old spark of optimism, it's not a flame yet, but it is back.

What the Pump Handle didn't mention was the nomination of T. Michael Kerr as head of OASAM (Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management). This nomination is intriguing to me not because OASAM is hugely important to occupational safety and health, it's really not, but because of Mr. Kerr's background. It is surprising to me that the White House was willing to nominate a union official to the position of Assistant Secretary. I'm not unhappy with the choice, just surprised. The confirmation might get very interesting.

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